To: Drivers

From: Administration and Management

Date: 15/07/2019

Re: Fixed Price in-app payment service fee

Black & White Cabs have now activated in-app payments through the new global app. This will give the customer the option to pay for their taxi by loading a credit card onto the app and selecting either a fixed price or a metered fare.

Customers can now also select the fixed price job feature; this price is inclusive of the 5% credit card service fee. The service fee is retained by Black & White Cabs to cover card transaction and administration fees. Black and White Cabs will reimburse fixed price fare trips to Operators and Drivers less the 5% service fee.

In the example above the Fixed price fare was for $98.00 (including 5% service fee). The Operator will only receive $93.10 (less the 5% service fee, $4.90) from Black & White Cabs. Drivers will need to adjust their fare amount to represent the amended fixed fare price.

Zara Trengrove Site Manager