1. “Closest Car” – within 100m of booking by GPS;
  2. “Area PLOT” – Car # 1 within area of booking;
  3. “Fastest Finger” – vehicles within 25km radius of booking pick up.


  • Be sure to plot;
  • Use auto plot to ensure you do not break boundaries and become GPS available only;
  • Refer to AUTO PLOT vehicle settings within this document.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE – Non-plotted / GPS Available vehicles will only be offered jobs when;

  1. “Closest Car” – within 100m of booking
  2. “Fastest Finger” vehicles within 25km radius.
Area Plot Set

How to work RANKS

Whilst you “Plotting” a rank is not available it is still important that you utilise them. Not only are you likely to take walk-ups/hails but you can also “Area Plot” making sure that you are still available for booked work also!

TIP – When seating at ranks make sure to join the “Area Plot” queue, a good way to ensure you don’t miss out on bookings also!

How to set-up AUTO PLOT

  • On your Main Menu select [Next]; followed by
  • [Tools]; and then
  • [Settings]
    A list of available options will be displayed which can be selected and changed using the corresponding number.
  • Select option [ 5 ] Auto Plot on Change of Area
    Auto Plot on Change of Area
  • Select option [ 2 } Area Boundary
    Area Boundary
  • Press (Tools] to return to the Tools Menu or [Main] to go back to the Main Menu.