P2P Transport Limited was incorporated on 3 March 2017 as a holding company. The Company was admitted to the official list of the Australian Securities Exchange (‘ASX’) on 13 December 2017.

P2P is an integrated fleet management company focused on the provision of vehicles on a rental basis to independent professional drivers operating in the point-to-point passenger transport industry. P2P does not own any taxi plates or licenses, instead it leases these from either government authorities or private owners and operates its vehicles (assets) to provide a rental solution to professional drivers. Through major operational sites P2P delivers a vertically integrated solution that includes mechanical, panel, administration, support and rostering all from one location in-house.

On the 3 March 2017, P2P was formally incorporated through the merger of the Sydney and Melbourne operations. These businesses, Taxilink and The Taxi Base, included all vehicles, support teams, mechanical and panel operations. The businesses remain an entity and have been rebranded Zevra.