To: Gold Coast Drivers

From: Administration and Management

Date: 28/06/2019

Re: Updated Bailment Agreements

Effective 1st July 2019 the following changes will be applied to the existing  Bailment Agreement Terms;

Charges –

6. The remuneration for the Bailee shall be as follows:

(a) An amount equivalent to 50% of the gross amount for all metered and non-metered fares by the Bailee during a shift.

NOTE – Effective the 1st December 2018 Drivers received a 5% increase in their commission rate for each shift driven. Those changes, whilst honored by our team, were not signed and dated by Drivers.

6. The remuneration for the Bailee shall be as follows:

(c) The Bailee shall have deducted a levy of $5 per shift for insurance protection*, and no excess is applicable;

NOTE – Due to the increase in “at fault” motor vehicle accidents Driver’s deemed to be liable, at fault, will have an additional levy charge applied per shift, please refer to the Bailment Agreement Insurance Excess Policy for more detail.

As a result of the above changes Driver’s are required to attend the Zevra – Gold Coast office at their earliest convenience to sign and date the revised terms of Bailment.

Zara Trengrove
Site Manager